Medical Student and Visiting Resident Electives

Survey of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Location: Beaumont Hospital-Taylor  (formerly Oakwood Hospital Taylor)
Instructor: Drs. Ho or Smith, or other Physiatrist as assigned

For WSU SOM Medical Students: Contact Carol Yates at 313-577-1470 or in order to apply for a rotation in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

For Guest Medical Students from other universities and medical schools: Contact JaEsta Jones at 313-577-1470 or at

Application information for guest students to WSU SOM is at this link for your convenience: Guest Student Application For Elective Clerkships at WSU SOM

For Visiting Resident Elective Rotations:
We appreciate your interest in rotating here at Wayne State University School of Medicine, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in Beaumont-Oakwood Healthcare. Your completed application must be approved in advance by the Director of Medical Education.  Your application should be submitted to Medical Education ninety (90) days in advance of your requested rotation start date.  If your application is not received ninety (90) days in advance, your rotation may be denied.

Application for Visiting Resident Elective Rotations

Visiting Student and Visiting Resident Orientation Packet:  Please read before you begin your rotation

Application for Medical Graduate Observership

Oakwood GME Medical Student Observership Policy

Oakwood GME Graduate Observership Policy

For your information, Oakwood, Botsford and Beaumont have joined together to become a new health care organization called Beaumont Health. View FAQs on Beaumont Health.

AVAILABLE TO YEAR 3 & 4: The student will become an active member of the PM&R team within Beaumont Hospital-Taylor, and outpatient clinics. The student will become skilled in functional evaluation and anatomic correlation of pain and motion problems. They will gain experience in the care of rehabilitation problems and gain insight into the diagnosis of acute pain problems. These will include working on the rehabilitation ward and at least 1-2 days/week in an outpatient setting. The student will have the opportunity to independently assess patients, and then be involved in the treatment plans and team conferences. Students are also expected to participate in weekly lectures and weekly teaching rounds.

Methods: Private Practice/Ward Rounds

Prerequisite: None

Recommended Reading Material: The student will be supplied with list during the rotation

Length: 1 month; Days/Week: 5-6; Hours/Week: 40; Night Calls/Month: N/A 

Evaluation: Written







Maximum Number of Students (period-month-capacity)

Period Monh Maximum Capacity of Students
1 July 2
2 August 2
3 September 2
4 October 2
5 November 2
6 December 2
7 January 2
8 February 2
9 March 2
10 April 2
11 May 2
12 June 2