WSU GME - For Potential & Current Residents

Graduate Medical Education (GME) at Wayne State University (WSU), is an essential element of a diverse and rich academic environment encompassing many specialties and subspecialties in the practice of medicine.The mission of the WSU School of Medicine is to provide the Michigan community with medical and biotechnical resources, in the form of scientific knowledge and trained professionals, so as to improve the overall health of the community. According to the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the GME experience is the period following educational training in an organized medical school or college and prepares the physician for independent practice (also referred to as residency training).At WSU we believe that GME encompasses more than just these few years of training. The WSU School of Medicine is committed to educating graduate residents and fellows who are properly prepared to be effective practitioners and to fulfill their professional roles in the context of people's needs. GME provides service to our communities, support to our peers, training to our residents, and extends our medical knowledge, compassion and skills toward our mission of patient safety and quality healthcare for today and tomorrow.  Our residency programs directly impact the lives of thousands through patient care, but most importantly our educational mission reaches beyond the hospitals to the community. Graduate Medical Education at WSU produces exceptional physicians who are committed to provide outstanding care to the communities we serve including not only the city of Detroit and the surrounding metropolitan area, but the state of Michigan and beyond.